Take a look at this picture and tell me how much money you think is represented here.

Would you be shocked if I told you you were looking at $1,280.49?

The two screws in this picture are from a PT6 fuel control. If they scrap during overhaul inspection, perhaps due to a stripped head or crossed threads, the new list price is $640.24 per screw. That means these tiny screws could end up costing you the equivalent of a really nice weekend getaway for you and your spouse.

Every scrap part, no matter how large or small, can have a huge impact on your overhaul cost. My job is to save you money on your next overhaul and I do that by looking at every part that scraps during inspection and then I try to find alternatives to buying new parts.

For example, for about the cost of a pizza, you can have a screw that passes all the inspection requirements in the overhaul manual. In the past week alone, we saved our customers over $30,000.00 by using overhaul condition parts instead of buying new parts.

The next time you get a quote for overhaul or repair of your fuel control, ask yourself if it is worth letting us review your quote. Even if the unit only needs a few screws and nuts, the cost can add up quickly. It doesn’t cost a penny for us to look at your quote, but the impact to your bottom line could be huge. What have you got to lose except maybe a few loose screws?

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Phillip Fienen

Phillip Fienen

Having worked in the aviation industry for more than 40 years, I've seen just about every aspect of the accessory overhaul business. From working in inspection, production, and management roles in accessory shops to being a customer of those shops, I can tell you there is a better way to manage engine accessory overhauls. I founded MPAC Aviation Services LLC with the mission to serve customers the way I want to be served.