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Engine accessory overhaul services to get you back in the air, on time, at a price you can afford

Overhauling engine accessories can cost as much as buying a car. Because of the high cost you should expect to be kept in the loop throughout the entire overhaul and repair process. But many times when you receive a quote it can feel like you are being told to “take it or leave it”: no alternate options or explanation provided, just get in line with your money.

At MPAC Aviation we put our 40 years of engine accessory overhaul experience to work for you. We work with a variety of vendors to get your accessories overhauled and returned on time and at the best price—making sure you have a full understanding of what you are getting for your money.

We offer three core engine accessory overhaul services:

Engine Accessory Overhaul Management Services

Accessory Overhaul Management

For accessory overhauls, we will manage the process through your preferred shop or through one of several FAA/EASA approved shops in our network. Once the accessory is inspected, we will review the quote and discuss any scrap and/or upgrade issues with the shop, working with you to make sure you get what you want and need. When available, we will offer the option of overhaul condition (OHC) parts instead of buying new parts to help reduce the cost for return to service. 

Engine Accessory Piece Part Sales

Accessory Piece Part Sales

For customers that prefer to send units direct to accessory shops for overhaul, we can help reduce the overhaul cost by reviewing your quote and offering piece parts for items that scrap during inspection. While we don’t guarantee to have every part, every time, any parts we can provide as “customer furnished materials” will help reduce your ultimate overhaul cost.

Engine Accessory Review and Consolidation

Review and Consolidation

If you have accessories returned as is, beyond economical repair (BER), we can help get the unit back in service at a reasonable price, or use it as a part source to reduce the overhaul cost on your other units. Whether you have one or several BER controls, we can review the units and shop reports to identify opportunities for consolidation. Even if you only have one or two units, we can use our expertise and inventory to reduce the overhaul price.

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For all your Pratt Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce M250 engine accessory overhaul services, contact us by filling out the form or call us at 620-302-1102.


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