LubriBor® Fuel Additive

Reduce overall maintenance cost of fuel system components

Today’s low-sulfur diesel and aviation fuel have reduced fuel lubricity which can cause excessive wear of the engine’s fuel system. Most engine OEMs have service bulletins or information letters detailing the need for a lubricity improver. This is a very economical way to reduce wear in fuel pumps and controls and can lower overhaul costs in the future by reducing the number of parts needed during overhaul inspection.

We recommend Hammonds’ LubriBor┬«, a Hi-Tech corrosion inhibitor and lubricity improver approved for use in aviation fuel in ASTM D-910. LubriBor can be purchased through MPAC Aviation in 16 oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 55 gallon containers.

For more information about LubriBor you can download the technical spec sheet or safety data sheet.

LubriBor additive for aviation fuels

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